Windows Down, Zöe Coz On

April 29, 2024 - 04:11 AM

By Lucie Donovan

On April 17th, 2024, Globe Hall welcomed singer-songwriter Zöe Coz in support of folk-pop artist John-Robert. Guitar in hands and friends Kennady MacDonald, Haley Milonas, and Caleb Rockenbach, accompanying her, Coz came with a serene, yet vibrant energy. With a stage presence that reflects her musical style, Coz’s indie-folk music has a tranquil but danceable nature, accurately pointed out by listeners as reminiscent of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon.” With her first single “9 to 5” released, Coz has marked her entrance into the music scene with a blend of captivating lyrics and infectious rhythms.

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PC: Nat Maul @3cpics

“I want mundane, I want direction, you need a break and some affection,” Coz writes in her debut single, capturing the sentiment of yearning for the ordinary, intimate moments you miss while your girlfriend is away, residing amidst the chaos of everyday life. “Everybody go ahead and sit down,” Coz joked as her band actually did sit down next to her on stage for a song. This kind of on stage quirk perfectly showcases her ability to create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, fostering a sense of connection with her audience. The connection between Zöe Coz and her listeners translates in person and online, where comments like “staring at the full moon with this on repeat” and a plethora longing for her music’s release to streaming (which you can now do here) cement the pervasive resonance of her music. “9 to 5” is the kind of dreamy, relatable tune you want to put on your windows down on a spring day, Noah Kahan inspired playlist and blast on an aimless drive, and Zöe Coz is the kind of artist you follow to keep up with new releases and live show dates. While we eagerly anticipate new music to stream, you can check out Zöe’s TikTok for covers, content, and sneak peaks of unreleased originals. 


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