Frost Children: Exploring the Frontier of Hyper-Pop Fusion

February 26, 2024 - 03:59 AM

By Blu Fernandez and Augie Schroeder

As we walked into Larimer Lounge, affectionately named “Larry’s,” we sat at the bar and nervously awaited our interview. The band’s manager came to tell us Frost Children were ready, and approaching the back of the dimly lit club, we were guided to an outside area behind two graffiti-clad doors. Inside were the three members of Frost Children, Lulu and Angel, lead Guitarists/Vocalists, and their drummer Eden.

Frost Children are a hyper-pop group hailing from New York made up of siblings Angel and Lulu Prost. With over 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, they bring a unique blend of influences to their music, drawing inspiration from artists such as Ween, Skrillex, and the Japanese trip hop era band Cornelius. As they grace the stage, Frost Children delivers a distinctive sound that combines elements from their diverse musical inspirations. “We’re fucking with Ween. Ween is a big inspo, overarching character wise. They just go for it each album. Production wise, I’m a big Skrillex inspo. He’s someone who’s constantly aged with my taste… I was making dubstep at 14 ‘cuz of him,” Lulu said. These inspirations were among several factors that led Frost Children down a musical path. Lulu opens up about early music exposure, saying “Our dad was in a yacht rock cover band… our mom was in a symphony. She played and taught violin. We had a basement and our brother and our dad built this music room with a whole drum set and amplifiers and an iMac. That was just there for us to learn.” With musicians as parents, Frost Children experienced a different level of immersion in various kinds of music, but their parents are not career musicians, so the industry was not something they faced growing up. “I think we grew up with the right amount of music. Our parents never did music as a career, never pursued it, it was just like a hobby to them… It would be so odd if we were growing up and our dad was a famous rock musician or something. I don’t know if I would’ve even wanted to do music then,” Angel shared.

Creative processes vary for Frost Children, and the good stuff comes after playing with a lot they don’t love. “…I mean, it’s different for everything, especially between the two of us. We’ll share beats and then we’ll make something and be like, ‘maybe this isn’t that great’ and toss it in the garbage…” Lulu reveals.

The Frost children have an obvious appreciation for multiple genres. Just from hearing their set, observable hints of different classic guitar acts permeated their music. Despite the hyper-pop genre the band belongs to, their music is reminiscent of Straightedge Punk, Emo, Grunge, Electronic, and other alternative acts. Frost Children has a memorable and lively set, a dedicated fanbase, and a unique way of carrying themselves.

During the interview, Angel said it best: “I feel like we’ve never done the super on the nose ‘go stream our new song’ type of thing, which I’m not knocking… more natural to me is just to be myself loudly and posting every thought.” Frost Children are a very confident group that isn’t afraid of showing their weird side and making avant-garde art. To put it simply, getting to interview Frost Children and see their show was a pleasure, and a peak display of what unique talent our generation has to offer without the commercialism.

You can listen to Frost Children here, and get notified of upcoming shows by following them on Instagram and logging onto their website.


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