Stil Runnin, Clementine, and Tireshoe Live at Globe Hall

October 18, 2023 - 02:41 AM

On April 30, the Globe Hall stage was enveloped in multicolored lights, set to hold the performances of local Colorado bands Clementine, Tireshoe, and Stil Runnin. With three distinctly different sounds and styles, the bands came together to put on a show that kept the audience engaged, dancing, and singing along throughout.

Clementine is a Fort Collins based five piece band featuring Elizabeth Radman on bass, Samuel Claiborne on backup vocals and guitar, Caleb Crowe on drums, Keiran Wisell on guitar, and Larin Graff on lead vocals. They bring a fast-paced, lively alternative sound to the stage that is reminiscent of the classic early ’00s melodic punk music. The band’s dedication to their music is apparent through their live performances and releases like “Closer to Casual” and their EP “The Basement,” and they keep a sense of wit and humor on stage that makes their chemistry with one another and the audience burning through the whole show.

Tireshoe is made up of members Ashleigh Mae on lead vocals, Haley Milonas on bass, Hunter Gammel on keys, Dylan Floyd on drums, and Mason Unthank on guitar. Their eclectic, original sound comes from a wide variety of their own individual influences ranging from Stevie Nicks to Mark Knopfler. Throughout the show, Tireshoe presents a unified front. They have mastered the music together, playing as though they had occupied the stage together millions of times. As Tireshoe plays audience favorites like “Extrovert,” and “Petrichor,” along with nostalgic covers like Twenty One Pilots’ “Tear in My Heart” the crowd is immersed in the show completely. The spirited interaction with the band throughout the show makes fans’ love for Tireshoe obvious, especially during the performance of “Backseat,” during which the band and audience join in in yelling “get out of my fucking car!,” letting out collective frustrations at asshole exes.

Stil Runnin, with members Will Givens as lead vocalist, Josh Langhorne on drums, Austin Lohri on bass, and Carson Freng on guitar, brought a psychedelic rock twist to the show with a ’70s rock sound evocative of old school favorites like Led Zeppelin and Mötley Crüe. The members’ looks truly add to the overall energy of their performance, as they embody the feel of their musical inspirations, while adding in their own unique touch through each members’ independent yet cohesive style. The band fused with the crowd throughout the show, creating an exhilarating energy onstage and off.

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Tireshoe — June 3rd, Globe Hall

Clementine — May 26th, Moxi Theatre (Greeley, CO)

By Lucie Donovan


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