Squeaky Feet at Fox Theater

February 07, 2024 - 09:32 PM

Daniel Campbell Califano

Squeaky Feet at The Fox Theater Boulder 

January 27th, 2024

Saturday January 27that 6:55pm, the cross section of 13th St. and College Ave. came alive with the local students of Boulder, Colorado, along with many of the locals out and about for a night of fun and comradery. In the hectic teem of the busy college town sits the Fox Theater, a quaint venue and staple of the Colorado music scene. Tonight’s event, Squeaky Feet & Sqwerv with special guest Thunderboogie, was a very special night that was an experience I can only hope my works give justice. The headlining band Squeaky Feet invited Denver Lynx Radio to interview, photograph, and enjoy their music, and I can assure you we did. 

In my interview I learned one thing about this band that stood out above everything else: how down to earth and welcoming they are. The band showed excitement at our interest in them as a Colorado local band getting ready for another electric show. This grassroots band is comprised of musicians Colin Shore (guitar/vocals), Greg King (guitar), Jimmy Finnegan (bass/vocals), Brian Keller (keyboards/sax/flute/vocals), and Kevin D’Angelo (drums). Each member brings unique influences and ideas to the overall composition of the band. They are unapologetic about their sound drawing from influences in progressive rock, jazz fusion, and jam music to create a holistically unique sound. They draw from inspirations such as Rush, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa, and many other pioneers of progressive rock to keep the genre moving forward and giving it life. Throughout my interview with them I felt like I was just hanging out with some friends going back and forth on topics like recent shows we all attended, who was good at ping pong, or especially talented at whistling. This had me awaiting how this brotherly comradery would translate onto the stage. 

2023 was a very big year for the band having a studio album released titled Cause For Alarm along with a sold out show at the Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom celebrating its release. This along with multiple other local and national tour dates and festival appearances has given them momentum moving forward into 2024. They are planning to use this as momentum to build new goals as a band and continue touring and harnessing their unique sounds. A major goal they have set for the new year is to book a show at one of the premier venues in Colorado, such as Mission Ballroom or Red Rocks, a goal they certainly have the drive to accomplish. Coming as far as they have in the last year, they want to make sure that their fans know how much the support they have received means to them, especially every conversation and handshake after a show. Colin Shore spoke on how meaningful their audience is, saying “It's cool to think that we have people who like buying tickets to come out and see us. Especially because we're still building this thing obviously. When we're on the road and might play a show for 20 people, but knowing those 20 people came to see us, it's not like a random 20 people it's 20 dudes that are there to see us they had it in their calendars and there's usually like one guy that drove like 4 hours so that's kind of crazy.”

With the interview wrapped up, I headed to the dance floor to experience the first opening act, Thunderboogie. The crowd trickled in more and more as the band experimented with their sound and drove home a beat and sound that drew the incoming crowd closer to the stage. Their addition of a lead female vocalist, Lauren Tyler, gave them a unique and graceful sound. As they finished their set, the Fox was beginning to teem with the energy of fans awaiting the next performance. Sqwervtook the stage with a lively sound that seemed to be just the right thing as fans got up and danced throughout the venue. The four band members were in tune with one another, and the vibe was infectious. I got down and boogied with the rest of them but couldn’t help having my eyes fixed on the lead guitarist’s portrait of a ship tattooed on his left arm as he masterfully played his instrument. They ended their set with a crazy 15 min jam leaving me and many audience members fatigued from all the dancing. Not to worry, after a short 10 min intermission, Squeaky Feet came to the stage and brought the energy all back by starting with a composition of sounds that rocketed the audience into space. Only to be suspended in space by the gentle melodies, vocals, and not to forget saxophone accompaniment. The back-and-forth unspoken communication between band members was a showcase of their refined sound and unfettered attitude towards exploring how their instruments could take the audience on a journey. To say this was another Saturday night would be an understatement. I thoroughly enjoyed what Squeaky Feet had to offer, keeping me entertained until the very end when I could approach them with a handshake, no longer as an interviewer but a new fan. 

Be sure to check out their social media and website. 

As well if you want to hear what I heard, they have the whole set from the show online @ nugs.net

If you want to check them out they have upcoming dates in Colorado.


Friday Feb 16th, and Saturday Feb 17th at the Bluebird Theater with Dogs In Pile 


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