Mrs. Nezbitt Lights Up Lost Lake

October 18, 2023 - 02:42 AM

Local band Mrs. Nezbitt played Lost Lake on March 31st, along with the artist CHAARM and headlining act Ozone Jones. Mrs. Nezbitt is a primarily instrumental punk band based in Denver. The band is comprised of guitarist Michael Haran, bassist Carter Keller, and drummer Anthony Gremp. After finding their start together through CU Denver’s music business program, the group officially began playing as a band in the spring of 2019.

Talking with this talented group on the origins of their name, “I remembered that scene in… it totally came from the scene in Toy Story where Buzz loses his shit… at the tea party when he gets drunk, Mrs. Nezbitt’s tea party,” they mentioned, not wanting to take themselves too seriously when thinking of a name.

Getting to see this band perform live was amazing, as it is apparent that these talented artists are dedicated to their craft and passionate about creating an unforgettable experience for the audience. The venue was packed full of listeners dancing to the music all night. Before taking the stage, they opened up about the band’s pre-show ritual. “We go outside and we just jostle each other around,” they explained.

“Having support and being able to tour would be a total dream,” the band says about their goals for the future. “I mean, right now, even being in this group is more than I could have ever asked for.” After playing a full house, it was evident that the members of Mrs. Nezbitt shared excitement amongst one another and appreciation for the support shown by listeners.

Mrs. Nezbitt has big things coming for their future, including the release of new music. “We’ve been sitting on two albums worth of instrumentals for two years,” the group says, teasing what is to come. Fans will be excited to hear that they can look forward to their new release sometime this year. Readers can follow Mrs. Nezbitt’s journey on social media via their Instagram, @mrsnezbittband.

By Izzy Benneyworth


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