Live Performance, Confidence, and Community in Music with Bennet LeMaster

October 18, 2023 - 02:40 AM

Bennet LeMaster is the artist you have to go see in your lowkey local venue so that you can brag about it later when she inevitably sells out our favorite venues all over the country. Hailing from Nashville, LeMaster brings a unique jazz and pop sound to the stage, bearing a stylistic resemblance to a young Amy Winehouse. Her performance at The Roxy on Broadway on September 8th radiated a liveliness through the room that stirred up a burst of energy in the audience as they got up from their seats to dance near the stage. Audience members let loose to LeMaster’s recent releases such as “Shut Up and Kiss Me” and “Got You,” both of which are available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify, along with the rest of her discography. During live performances, the audience gets to see the authentic Bennet LeMaster, as she keeps her stage style comfortable by wearing the clothing she reaches for on an everyday basis rather than opting for a separate performance persona. She encourages other artists to find their confidence on stage through aligning their onstage presence with their true selves, as she does through her clothing. As she tours, hitting classic venues like the Whiskey A Go-Go along with local venues across the country, LeMaster works with local musicians from each city to form her onstage band. Performing with a myriad of artists is one of the many electrifying aspects of singing live in different cities every weekend, and creates a sense of community in an otherwise notoriously competitive industry. LeMaster cites this sense of community in music as just one of the facets of being a musician that keeps her going when touring, performing, and making music as an independent artist gets tough. Her vocal skills are paired with a remarkable talent for songwriting, and she has written alongside songwriters like Renee Armand, Sherrie Austin, and Will Rambeaux. Collaboration in songwriting, whether it be for her own music or for that of other independent musicians, is one of the greatest joys of the industry, says LeMaster. As far as the future goes, new music releases and more show dates are on the horizon. You can find Bennet LeMaster on Instagram and TikTok @bennetlemaster, as well as upcoming show dates and music releases.

By Lucie Donovan


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