"God Said 'Let There Be Spitting Image'"

April 17, 2024 - 01:22 AM

By Lucy Lassman

“Originally, there was no light and then God said let there be Spitting Image.” This was the band’s answer to my first question which asked for an explanation of how Spitting Image came to be. A quick-witted response that incited laughter between me and the band’s members: Marshall Kadlec, Ethan Piskorz, Jesse Nissen, and Davion Tomlinson, later proved to be an accurate statement after watching the band’s electrifying performance on stage. The show took place on March 29th, at HQ, one of the various music venues in the eclectic area that is South Broadway. Boasting a Spring Break theme, the space was brimming with pink beach balls and Denver’s most dedicated members of the live music scene. 

The members of Spitting Image are “all transplants” themselves, and the journey to live and play in Denver and its surrounding cities has been far from simple. Kadlec moved from Nebraska to Colorado in 2018 in hopes of putting a band together. With no luck, he started a project of his own two years later, inviting Piskorz out from Michigan, but the onset of COVID saw them both back to their home states. Back in Nebraska, Kadlec set up a new band which included JesseNissen, a friend from high school and former bandmate of Kadlec’s. Still determined to “do the thing” in Denver, Kadlec returned yet again. While his band remained back home, he formed a new duo, Idle Threat. Somehow, this was the missing piece needed to complete the Spitting Image puzzle. Idle Threat had booked a show in need of another band, so Kadlec took this opportunity to call his Nebraska-bound band down to Denver. But they were still missing a drummer, enter Cooper Michalak who had come recommended by the show’s booker. Despite fulfilling the major components of a band, Spitting Image were still in the drafting process of their ultimate composition. Later developments saw the permanent fixture of Piskorz on guitar and Davion Tomlinson on bass. 

Now that the band is in its final form, they’re ready to take the world by storm. The ultimate goal is to play stadiums and arenas, and so far, it’s fair to say that they’re on the right track. Spitting Image has been on tour, they’ve got plenty of shows under their belt, and have clearly calculated the perfect formula for a show so memorable that you’ll be talking about it the whole ride home. When Spitting Image takes to the stage, they deliver a loaded performance. Each member emanates a wild energy, adding personal flair to the band’s collective sound. In this way, they’re trying to “come up with something new,” that’s not exactly metal nor alternative rock, but a blend of inspiration from progressive metal to experimental rock. They’re currently in the process of producing an album, which is set to be released in May. Until then, they’ll be putting out a string of singles, so keep your eyes peeled for Spitting Image and what they have coming over the horizon, I can guarantee that it’ll be hard to miss.


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