Circling Girl Brings the Dreamscape to The Skylark Lounge

February 17, 2024 - 08:06 PM

By Lucie Donovan

Merch designed and crafted by the band and the retro checkered floors illuminated by the dim glow of purple stage lights at Skylark Lounge created a warm and welcoming energy for fans of local Denver dream pop band Circling Girl last Friday. With support from Autumnal and Yes Baby, the lineup and the classic aesthetic of the lounge made for a surreal atmosphere perfect for a crowd ready to enter the melodic dream realm. Circling Girl’s ethereal soundscapes and introspective lyrics invite the audience into a new perspective of the collective subconscious shared by many.

Noah Thomas, Jesse Crone, and Linus Flynn skillfully weave airy instrumentals with Isabel Daninger’s vocals and Devon Wellborn’s dynamic guitar and vocals combination to create vibrant dreamscapes. In their latest EP release, “Teeth,” Circling Girl masterfully paints a vivid portrayal of the profound unease accompanying one’s inner struggles. With lyrics like “My breathing hurts with every draw, and you’re smiling and yawning and just fine… my teeth don’t even feel like mine,” the band captures the raw and visceral essence of anxiety, drawing listeners into an evocative exploration of turbulent emotions. Circling Girl’s poignant melodies and introspective lyricism serve as a beacon, guiding listeners through the labyrinth of their own emotions and experiences while surrounded by a comforting surrealism.

Follow along on social media to catch Circling Girl’s upcoming Denver dreamscapes, and listen to “Teeth” here.

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